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Shannon McBratney


     I see my abstract art as a study in light and color whereby I explore the fundamentals of form and how they shape our world on both the largest and smallest levels. Through the liberal use of abstract bursts of color and texture, my paintings engage the eye and encourage the mind to follow. While there, you might discover anything from an otherworldly outline of a distant galaxy to an up close, personal glimpse of a microscopic organism.


      One of the primary bases of my work derives from a very unique source. During eye surgery, I had a profoundly revelatory experience which forever changed my relationship with Color. I gained a truer appreciation not only for my own sense of sight, but also for how the human eye interprets, then produces, images from light and color. This proved to be a magical phenomenon for which I’m both grateful and eternally fascinated.


       The broad palette of colors which I’ve explored – and have yet to explore – is endless, as is the opportunity for me to express them. On a visceral level, I derive much of my motivation from this multitude of expressive avenues. In this regard, there remains much work to be done, work that will challenge both my cerebral side as well as my stylistic persuasions.


I look forward to sharing this work with you


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